I have been piecing and hand quilting since those long-ago days in high school.  This was back in the day before cutting mats and rotary cutters.  Cardboard templates were the tools I used to trace and cut my pieces for my quilts.  And machine quilting???  Who had heard of that, let alone long-arm quilting?  Boy has quilting come a long way!  After working outside of my home for more than 25 years and raising 4 children alongside my husband, I was “forced” into retirement (i.e. I was laid off) which led me to this current venture.  A close friend of mine who is an avid quilter, decided that she was going to do a crazy thing and buy The Calico House, in Placentia, California.  Because I was busy working outside the home and raising 4 children, I didn’t have much time to quilt, but when I got laid off, I realized that I was able to get back into the hobby that I enjoyed many years ago.  And since 2 of my kids were married and the other 2 were in college, there was not going to be a more opportune time to take advantage of earning a living doing what I love.  After working on a Gammill Classic on a few of my own quilts, I realized that I needed to take the next step and invest in a Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher.  That was in 2010.  In 2023  I decided to take the leap and invest in the Statler Ascend upgrade, which has proven to be a worthwhile investment.  The accuracy and speed is far superior than any other long arm machine on the market.